Tailor-made cruise holidays soar in popularity, reveals Planet Cruise

Tailor-made cruise holidays soar in popularity, reveals Planet Cruise

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Booking data at leading independent cruise travel agency Planet Cruise has revealed tailor made cruise holiday are more popular than ever, up 29% on the previous year, as more people look to create the perfect cruise holiday by adding hotel stays, excursions and experiences.

As holidaymakers become more and more adventurous with their travels, tailor made cruises provide travellers the opportunity to tailor their holiday according to their idea of a perfect holiday. Planet Cruise has seen a significant growth in this area which sees holidaymakers add a pre or post-cruise hotel stay in a particular destination, a land tour to pair with days at sea and transfers across the world.

The cruise agency says this significant growth is due to the growing popularity in long-haul destinations, with New York, Dubai and Singapore becoming very popular for pre and post cruise stay.

However, the biggest growth destinations are even further afield, with British holidaymakers booking tailored made cruise holidays to far flung destinations such as China, Japan and South America in their droves. The cruise travel agency has also seen a rise in stop over packages taking advantage of the flight routings in these destinations, creating three centre holidays.

Whilst long-haul tailor made cruises are growing in popularity, it’s European cruises which are proving the most popular this year, with four of the top five most popular holidays. However, with long-haul holidays becoming increasingly popular, a tailor made cruise to the Far East also makes the top five.

Top five most popular tailor-made cruises for 2016:
1. Rome stay and Eastern European Cruise
2. Scandinavia and Russia from Copenhagen
3. Italy and Greek Islands from Barcelona
4. Hong Kong, China and Vietnam
5. Athens, Greek Islands and Italy

Booking data at Planet Cruise shows cruise holidays are changing with holidaymakers wanting more from their holiday than just a shore excursion. The agency says tailor made packages are growing in popularity with the once popular two or three night pre cruise stays expanding to six with many even adding 11 night full land tours.
Additional hotel stays in some of the world’s most magical cities are becoming increasingly popular amongst British holidaymakers with New York the most popular for those looking to extend their cruise holiday. Singapore is the second most popular destination, followed by the ever growing city and beach destination of Dubai.

Top five most popular cities for hotel stays:
1. New York
2. Singapore
3. Dubai
4. Barcelona
5. Venice

Research conducted by Planet Cruise has also highlighted the world’s most popular excursions with holidaymakers adding sightseeing tours in some of world’s most beautiful cities to their tailor made cruise.

The Sightseeing Tour of St Petersburg is the most popular excursion followed by The Complete Tour of Rome.

Top five most popular excursions:
1. Sightseeing Tour of St Petersburg
2. Complete Tour of Rome
3. Pompeii and Naples Tour
4. Picturesque Pisa and Famous Florence Tour
5. Essential Panoramic Athens

Simone Clark, Managing Director at Planet Cruise comments: “The cruise holiday is changing as people want more from their holiday. We have seen a huge rise in the number of people booking tailor made cruise holidays with holidaymakers looking to add extra elements to their cruise in order to fully experience the destination. Holidaymakers can now create their own perfect cruise holiday by adding a night or two in their favourite city or a tour of one of the world’s most iconic sites.”

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