Kuoni Global Travel Services and UEFA join forces for sustainability

Kuoni Global Travel Services and UEFA join forces for sustainability

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As the official Accommodation Agency for the UEFA EURO 2016, Kuoni is proud to work with UEFA to encourage high standards of environmental and social performance amongst its contracted hotels. The collaboration has resulted in a special event Supplier Code of Conduct and a brochure showcasing sustainability in the accommodations contracted for UEFA EURO 2016.

As part of this collaboration, UEFA and Kuoni require that the UEFA EURO 2016 selected suppliers give due regard to the principles set out in an official UEFA EURO 2016 Supplier Code of Conduct in connection with the products and services they supply for the event. The document lays out minimal requirements in various areas including environmental management, human rights and child protection, to name a few. 72% of all hotel suppliers originally contracted for the event have acknowledged this Code of Conduct so far.

Another key element of the collaboration is a supplier assessment survey which allowed the more than 600 contracted hotels to tell us about their sustainability policies and action plans. The survey had a response rate of 50%, meaning over 300 hotel partners took part.

The analysis showed that the hotels had implemented a wide variety of initiatives, including simple things, like investing in LED lighting, or installing flow restrictors in the guest’s bathrooms. Or larger initiatives, like committing to become a signatory to the The Code.org (short for “The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”) and taking the six essential steps to help protect children. Clear trends showed that the industry has well-established environmental programs, policies and certification but is still beginning to grapple with the social issues such as human rights.

Based on the sustainability self-assessment, 10% of the contracted hotels were found to be promoting sustainable practices systematically and/or had been certified on their sustainability level by an external party. This includes outstanding hotels and hotel chains in the field of sustainability such as Accor, Radisson Blu, Marriot, Mandarin Oriental, and Marriot.

In recognition of these efforts Kuoni and UEFA have produced a brochure which includes the best practices identified as well as key recommendations, with the aim of encouraging, showcasing and promoting high environmental and social standards in the wider hotel industry.

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