Introducing SITE’s Journey: A history of SITE and evolution of the incentive travel industry

Introducing SITE’s Journey: A history of SITE and evolution of the incentive travel industry

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SITE announced the release of SITE’s Journey, a beautifully designed, digital compendium of the association’s history. A two-year project of the SITE Past Presidents Council, the history is told through the eyes of incentive travel industry leaders who founded and led the organization since its inception in 1973.

The past 43 years contain a very impressive roll call of leading industry professionals who have achieved success through hard work and dedication. Some of SITE’s past-presidents are still actively engaged in the industry, while others are fully retired. However, they all still share a passion for the industry and an enduring belief that incentive travel works.

Fay Beauchine, SITE president 1988 led the project on behalf of the past presidents. “The history is a brief glimpse of each year with key milestones and a short narrative provided by each president. It shows how the association evolved from a handful of U.S. based individuals into a global community with over 2,000 members in 90 countries. SITE leaders are generous, giving their time, personal resources, and knowledge to the organization. Their passion shows throughout the history and their leadership and dedication to the membership has been fundamental to the organization’s success. Sadly, we have lost five of our past presidents and, having been fortunate to know them, we honor their legacy.”

Patrick Delaney, council chair and SITE president 1992 shared why it was important to document the history. “Although the incentive travel industry has undergone significant transformation, SITE’s core values have remained the same. Although it has never been the largest association in the business events industry, it became global much faster than others and has stayed true to the mission to strengthen and inspire the incentive travel industry worldwide. Our members support each other, do business together and their passion for excellence is extraordinary. We want to remember our journey, celebrate our accomplishments, and encourage rising industry leaders to take note of the past to help us build an even better future.”

As you page through SITE’s Journey, you’ll see how world events impacted the incentive travel industry and affected the association’s growth. Even during difficult times, the SITE International Board of Directors, Foundation Trustees, headquarters staff, chapters and members all worked tirelessly to keep SITE strong and continuing to contribute value to the global business community.

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