Airlines welcome the removal of the last increase of the “Addizionale Comunale” as a step in the right direcrtion

Airlines welcome the removal of the last increase of the “Addizionale Comunale” as a step in the right direcrtion

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The air transport associations Airlines for Europe (A4E), International Air Transport Association (IATA), Italian Board Airline Representatives (IBAR), which together represent all air carriers active in Italy, welcome the final removal of the ‘addizionale municipale’ boarding tax introduced last January and foreseen by the 2017 budget law currently under review in the Italian Parliament.

Already in August, when the tax was initially suspended, we had expressed our appreciation for a decision which we believe was heading in the right direction to encourage rather than discourage mobility, by producing in the same time positive effects on national GDP and the number of employees in the sector “ said IBAR President Araci Coimbra. “We therefore positively welcome this second measure from the government and we will strive to encourage the Italian authorities to continue on this path”.

“If the government withdraws the tax increase, then this is fantastic news for air travelers and for the Italian economy. If it had gone ahead, the tax would have reduced demand by over 750,000 passengers per year and destroyed more than 9000 jobs by the end of this decade. We have campaigned loud and clearly against this tax, and now we must credit the government for listening and prioritizing jobs and connectivity above a short-term cash grab. Moreover, we strongly encourage the Italian government to further continue working in this direction, so as to benefit both the economy and society as a whole“, commented Rafael Schvartzman, IATA’s Regional Vice President Europe.

“One of the primary objectives of our association is the reduction of taxation on air travel”, concludes Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of Airlines for Europe (A4E). “We are happy that the Italian Government has taken the right decision to ensure the competitiveness of the Italian travel sector. The recent experiences of other European countries fully confirm the benefits to the national economy from lower aviation transport taxes. I strongly believe that the Italian Government should continue the path taken in recent months and definitely remove the passenger tax ‘addizionale comunale’ at all Italian airports, to ensure consumers can fully benefit from it and to further boost tourism, economic growth and job creation.”

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